The Chapel Renovation Project Needs Your Support

Our burlpres chapel has been a sacred space for worship and memorial services for almost 100 years!  It holds a very special place in the hearts of many members of our congregation.  It has been well-loved, and well-used- but is in need of renovation.  Over the past several months, we have met with members of our congregation to provide input on the project and have engaged the services of Garavalgia Architecture, Inc. to provide us some design concepts.  During these conversations, it became clear that our primary objective was to retain a sense of sacred space when someone walks into the chapel.  The cross which hangs in the chapel area, was given to the church by our New Horizons group, is cherished.  Everyone agrees the yellow windows desperately need to be replaced.  We also desire a space with more flexibility for various types of worship.


This renovation will include the following:

  • New leaded windows with beveled glass to let in natural light.

  • New liturgical furnishings (communion table, font, and lectern).

  • New seating which will replicate pews but also provide for alternative configurations for more intimate services.

  • New lighting and sound systems (to accommodate classic and modern worship environments and livestreaming).

  • Simplification of the chancel area with removal of the pulpit and organ, a reduced footprint, and replacement of the wooden wainscoting.

  • Installation of cabinets in the side arches to house bibles and hymnals.

  • New carpeting.

  • A much-needed installation of an HVAC system to provide for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and air purification.


Can We Count on Your Support?

Can we count on a gift from you to fund this project out of love for our burlpres chapel- to serve as a place to worship for current members and for the generations to follow us?

• Of the $260,000 estimated project cost, approximately

$100,000 is already available/offered.

• The chapel will seat 95 people.

• If 95 individuals donate $2,000 "per chair", we will have the

funds for this project.

• A gift of $20,000 would fund an entire row on both sides of the center aisle.

Donations can be made online or by completing the commitment card above.  To donate online click here and select "Chapel Renovation Fund" from the dropdown menu.  Or you can print out the commitment card and return it along with a check to the church to the attention of Carolyn Richardson. 


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