COVID-19 Response FAQs 

Frequently asked questions.
What in-person activities are happening at burlpres?

The Virus Response Team (VRT) conducted extensive research and prepared a comprehensive COVID-19 Safety Plan, incorporating guidance from federal, state, and county health officials.  The church building is now open for staff and elders to do necessary, in-person activities such as recording online worship services and necessary building maintenance.  For everyone’s safety, we want to minimize building usage to the greatest extent possible and so we ask that building access be limited to only those with necessary in-person church business who have been through the COVID-19 training.  

In addition, Session has voted to allow some specific gatherings in accordance with our COVID-19 Safety Plan and as allowed by our state and county health officials. We are committed to caring for the physical, emotional and spiritual health of our community. In-person gatherings will be designed to minister to the spiritual needs of our community while following best practices for COVID-19 safety. In all events, we will have robust safety protocols to make sure we are continuing to support community goals of low levels of community spread of the virus.  

What can I expect if I attend an in-person event?

We care about your health and want to make sure we create an environment that feels safe for all participants.  We will have participants register before the event to ensure that we can have an appropriate number of attendees to maintain social distancing.  During registration, you will receive information about symptoms of COVID-19 so that you can refrain from participation if you, or someone in your household, has experienced symptoms within a few days of the event.  Registration will also include signing a waiver form and you will receive an electronic check-in code.  You will also receive information about how to contact us if you, or someone in your household, develops symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19 soon after you attend an event through burlpres.  We collect participants’ contact information during registration in case it is needed for contact tracing after the event.  

When you arrive on-site you will check-in at a health check where you will be asked whether you, or a household member, has experienced symptoms of COVID-19.  All participants will also have their temperature checked with a touch-less thermometer.  Masks will be required and hand sanitizer will be available for use.  The event space will have clear social distancing markers to help make sure we prevent close contact between participants.

Please feel free to learn more by reading our COVID-19 Safety Plan or sending your questions to

Why hasn't burlpres resumed indoor activities?

Researchers are continuously learning more about how the virus is transmitted and we want to minimize risk of transmission at our events as much as possible. Outdoor activities are considered lower risk than indoor activities. The Virus Response Team (VRT) carefully monitors the latest news and guidance from health officials.  When the VRT has assessed that the risk level is sufficiently low, they will implement changes to the COVID-19 Safety Plan to enable indoor gatherings.  For now, we feel we can best serve our community by enabling low-risk outdoor gatherings which serve to nurture attendees’ spiritual growth and emotional health through connections with our church family.

What are my options for spiritual connection and growth right now?

This can feel like a wilderness experience for each of us.  Staying connected with God and your church family will ease the sense of isolation and help you find hope and meaning even in the midst of all this uncertainty.  It can even be a time to intentionally engage in new spiritual practices or develop new friendships!

Join us for online worship  If you join us on Sunday mornings, you can watch the worship service, chat with others online, and request to pray privately with one of our pastors or staff members.

    • Timing for the Sunday morning live stream doesn’t work for you?  You can also watch the service anytime from our YouTube channel burlpres YouTube
Do you have kids in your household? For Kids (up to 5th grade) we offer:
  • Sunday Sermons - YouTube Channel burlpres Kids YouTube
  • Sunday Zoom Connects with different age groups -
  • Pre-K (1st & 3rd Sunday @ 2PM)
  • K-3rd(1st & 3rd Sunday @ 4PM)
  • 4th-5th (2nd & 4th Sunday @ 2PM)
  • Social Media Platform - Families receive updates, tips, information about upcoming events and more:
    YouTube Channel:  burlpres Kids YouTube
    Instagram: @burlpres_kids
    Facebook:  burlpres Kids
  • Spotify Kids Playlist - Songs are put in a playlist for families to worship together: 
    YouTube Channel burlpres Kids YouTube

  • Quarterly/Bi-Monthly Workshops for BurlPres Families - Parent Connect:  Navigating Back to School Angst planned for 8/15 10-11:30 am
  • Quarterly Classes for Kids - Will be announced as planned

Do you have youth in your household?  For students (6th - 12th grade) we offer:
  • Social Media Platform - Families receive updates, tips, information about upcoming events and more:
    YouTube Channel:  burlpres Students YouTube
    Instagram:  @burlpres_students
    Facebook:  burlpres Students-Parents and Families

  • Spotify Students Playlist - Songs are put in a playlist for families to worship together: 
    YouTube Channel burlpres Students YouTube

  • Monthly Student Game Nights on Zoom & Weekly Trivia Tuesdays on Instagram

  • Workshops for burlpres Families - Parent Connect: 
    Navigating Back to School Angst planned for 8/15 10-11:30 am

    Weekly Parent and Student E-News - Updates, resources, pictures, and more

Are you looking for programs to connect with adults and nurture your faith?  
  • Most of our adult education and fellowship groups are still meeting using Zoom each week.  For a listing of each of these gatherings, check out the email that is sent every Sunday.  Not receiving the email? Reach out to to get added to the distribution list.

How can I get help accessing online resources?

If you are unable to connect to our online services and programs and are in need of technical assistance, please contact us via email at or by phone at 630.542.5200.

When will burlpres resume on-site small group activities?

Each of the church’s ministry areas will be planning and coordinating in-person activities in alignment with our COVID-19 Safety Plan.  Currently, we are only doing outdoor gatherings.  Resuming meetings for outside groups that rent space from burlpres will be assessed using the same criteria that we will use for resuming our own small group activities.

I am struggling during this time. Where can I get help?

We are all struggling with the disruptions to our normal lives, so please don’t hesitate to ask for help.  You can reach one of our pastors or anyone on our care ministries team by calling 650.342.0875, Option 3, or by sending an email to

Many members of our care ministries team would welcome the opportunity to support you or help meet any needs you might have.  Our Deacons, Stephen Ministers and staff members have been very active in reaching out to individuals who feel isolated, need a friendly word of encouragement, desire spiritual companionship, or need help in any number of practical, day-to-day ways.

Are members of the burlpres staff at church and can I stop by?
We would love to see you, but unfortunately, the church is officially closed and will remain so until the county lifts restrictions.  If you need to contact someone on staff for any reason, please call the church and leave a message.  We will be back in touch as soon as possible.
Can I access the Memorial Prayer Garden?
Yes. All appointments for the prayer garden must be made in advance by contacting  We have health check-in stations at the entrances to the facility and mask wearing is required.  Please see our COVID-19 Safety Plan for more information.
Can burlpres staff perform weddings?
If you would like to plan a wedding, please contact the church and one of the pastors will discuss this with you.
Can burlpres staff make hospital visits?
Pastors and our parish chaplains are always on call and can meet individual pastoral care needs via phone or video conference.  We want to keep our staff and community safe by minimizing in-person interactions, but we also understand that particularly acute spiritual needs may arise.  Please contact the church (650.342.0875) and one of the pastors will discuss how we can help support you.
Can burlpres staff perform memorial services?
You do not have to grieve alone if you have lost a loved one.  The burlpres pastors are available to provide pastoral care for you and your family.  We have been holding interment services for individuals who have a space reserved in our Memorial Prayer Garden. Attendance is limited, however, to eight close family members and/or friends. We are also able to perform small, graveside services where they are permitted by local guidelines which typically means with less than 10 people in attendance and following any recommended health guidelines, such as mask wearing and social distancing.
How is the staff doing during this time?
We are fortunate to say that our staff has been healthy, so far, during this pandemic. There have been many challenges from working at home, but we are all learning and growing, just as many of you are. Also, like many of you, our staff members, as well as their family and friends, are trying as best we can to adapt to our current reality and we request your prayers for our continued well-being.
What is the staff doing during this time?

Staff has worked very hard to continue to execute all of our church roles as we shelter in place and to develop new processes for leading and running our church.  Staff conducts multiple Zoom meetings each week to coordinate the many new efforts being planned and executed.

  • Pastors: Graham, Jane and Beth have continued to serve the church and its members while adapting to emerging needs.  They are preaching each week and leading worship, providing pastoral care, reaching out to individuals to see how they are doing, teaching online classes, running Committee and Session meetings, and working with Elders to support mission partners.  Care Ministries teams, and the Virus Response Team.
  • Worship: Steven, Cort, Dan and Peter have been creating amazing worship services from remote locations each week.  They have created new recording studios and learned that it takes many hours of editing to produce an hour-long service.  They have also been coordinating and editing performances from featured musicians located all over the county.
  • NextGen: Tara and Chy are leading our kids and students in some incredible new online programs including parent seminars, virtual summer camp, and the Epic Summer Challenge where kids and families are having fun interacting on teams.
  • Preschool: Tiffany and Samantha are making plans to bring students and staff back on campus for Fall.  New regulations by the Licensing Board are being closely monitored and programs are being developed for student and staff safety.
  • Office and Admin Staff: Joan, Kerry, Carolyn and Lupe have been creating new forms of communication to keep in touch with the congregation, providing financial services. and supporting remote worship, church programs and leadership committees.  A long-needed tech upgrade has resulted in the opportunity for staff to master new systems.
  • Custodial Staff: Sonu and Onkar continue to keep the building running smoothly and have participated in the transformation of several of our office spaces. They have done extensive work to make the facility compliant with our COVID-19 Safety Plan, including setting-up and maintaining health check-in stations, stocking our COVID-19 supply closet, coordinating visitor logs for contact tracing, removing high-touch or communal items from various spaces, and much more.  They continue to serve generously and whole-heartedly to help keep everyone safe when using the building.
What is happening with the Preschool?
After extensive research and preparation, the staff opened the preschool this Fall under new guidelines and restrictions including reduced class sizes, consistent student/teacher “bubbles,” restrictions on people in the building (no parent volunteers), extra cleaning, and a back-up plan to move to online classes if necessary. They are currently running both in-person and online programs to accommodate families with different needs.
What is the Virus Response Team?
The Virus Response Team is a cross-functional group of elders, staff, and members of the congregation who are medical professionals. This team has been charged to develop policies for our church-wide response to the pandemic. You can contact the VRT by emailing with any questions or comments.
How can I help?

Check the burlpres weekly newsletter, which is sent via email on Wednesdays, to learn about opportunities to serve the church and our mission partners. If you have interest in helping in a specific ministry area, please contact the following elders: 

Safety protocols for COVID-19 have led to some unexpected financial investments.  If you would like to support our ability to continue to offer safe, in-person ministry offerings, you can donate here.

If I have ideas for new programs/activities, who should I talk to?

Please call the church and leave a message.  We will connect you with the appropriate pastor, staff member, or elder.

What if I have other questions?

Submit them to

I was on-site at burlpres or attended an in-person burlpres event. Now either I, or someone in my household, is having COVID-19 symptoms or tested positive for COVID-19. What should I do?
Please email or call the church office (650.342.0875) and leave a message with your name and phone number.  It may be helpful to check your symptoms at the CDC website, and please follow their directions on What to Do if You Are Sick.
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