Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions, fast.
How can I find your services?

You can find our services online each Sunday on Starting September 13th, we will offer two different services.
- 10 AM | Modern service
- 11 AM | Classic service

Car parking?

We have two free parking lots, and additional street parking availble.

Can I bring my kids to church?

Currently, our burlpres Students meet at 10 AM on Zoom each Sunday. For burlpres Kids programming information, contact Tara Rumler at

Anything for teens?

Yes, our burlpres Students program is for our middle and high school students that meets on Zoom on Sunday mornings.

What do I wear?

We want you to feel at ease and wear whatever you're comfortable in. Most people dress casually, but some do dress up for our Classic services.

Can I volunteer?

Yes. There are plenty of ways to serve others and make a difference. Check our upcoming events and ministries for service opportunities.

How can I start receiving the weekly church newsletter email?

We send out weekly emails to help you stay informed of upcoming events and church happenings. You can opt in to receive these here.

Can I watch online?

Yes! Our services can be found on All of our services can be viewed ON DEMAND on our burlpres YouTube channel.
- Modern service @ 10 AM
- Classic service @ 11 AM

What's the music like?

We enjoy live music and singing as part of our worship to God. Currently, we offer two different options to meet the distinctive desires of our congregation. Our 10 AM service offers a vibrant collection of contemporary music while our 11 AM service has a rich selection of traditional Christian music.

What denomination are you?

burlpres is a Presbyterian church and a congregation affiliated with the Presbytery of San Francisco, which has over 50 churches across the San Francisco Bay Area. We are connected with hundreds of Christian organisations worldwide, and enjoy periodic guest speakers who share our beliefs and passion for Jesus.

What do you believe?

A statement of belief can be found on our about page.

How can I meet new people?

You can meet new friends on all of our Virtual Community @ burlpres opportunities.

Can I bring a friend to church with me?

Invite a friend to join you for our midweek services or midweek opportunities.

What if I have more questions?

All enquiries welcome. Please contact us or speak to a member of our team at the Welcome table during Sunday church service.

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