burlpres Covid-19 Safety Plan

Short Version

Safety Plan Summary

The goal of our burlpres COVID-19 Safety Plan  is to minimize risk while still enabling critical ministries to continue. While we realize no one enjoys more paperwork and tracking, we have a responsibility to love our community by implementing safety policies to minimize spread of this disease.

Use of Church Facilities:

Anyone entering the BurlPres facility must sign-in either electronically or on the paper log to enable contact tracing, should it be necessary.

Health Screen Process:

  • Check-in stations will include:
    • Digital or paper log check-in
    • Instant read, non-contact thermometer with usage instructions
    • Alcohol wipes, gloves, hand sanitizer (60+% alcohol), masks, and no-touch trash can
    • Liability waiver forms and copies of the Safety Plan Summary
  • Temperature checks will be performed upon arrival (administered by self, staff, or volunteers). Temp of 100.4 degree or higher = no entry.
  • A sign with COVID-19 symptoms will be posted at entrances and events. Entry requires verbal or digital answers of no to all.
  • Waiver form must be signed by everyone entering (digital or written signature).


Mask Usage:

  • Signs reminding people to wear masks and wash hands.
  • Masks must be worn covering both nose and mouth at all times for everyone 2 yrs old and up (no one-way valves).
  • Staff who are alone in an office with the door closed do not have to wear a mask.
  • Masks may be removed briefly for those involved in recording virtual programming or during ceremonies.
  • Face shields cannot be worn instead of masks unless due to medical condition (shield must have bottom drape).
  • See event Safety Monitor for questions about mask usage.

Social Distancing:

  • 6 ft social distances must be maintained at all times.
  • For in-person gatherings, have entire households arrive as a single group.

Prohibited Activities:

  • No indoor congregational group activities.
  • No in-person activity, beyond general office use or Prayer Garden visitation, unless approved by Session.
  • No kids or students programs can occur without direct supervision of the minors by a member of the household.
  • No use of the church kitchen for large-group, buffet-style food preparation or serving.
  • No playground use other than by preschool.
  • No sharing of choir robes, other garments, or other articles (i.e., offering plates).
  • No holding hands, laying on of hands, or other direct physical contact between different households.
  • No congregation singing, chanting or group recitation of prayers.
  • No transportation services to anyone by staff or church vehicles.
  • No housing of overnight guests.

Data Collection for Contact Tracing:

  • Contact information (name, phone number, and e-mail address) must be collected for all participants at any in-person gathering so we have an ability to perform contact tracing should anyone fall ill.
  • All participants will receive information on what to do if you develop symptoms after being at burlpres, please email safety@burlpres.org asap.

General Cleaning:

  • Commonly used spaces must be disinfected at least daily when facility is used. Cleaning logs are posted at doors to each space and updated after each cleaning.
  • Gloves, masks, and gowns must be worn while cleaning and while disposing of trash in lined trash cans.

Cleaning after Someone has Symptoms or Tests Positive:

  • PPE is readily available in the COVID-19 supply closet to enable any necessary immediate cleaning.
  • Facility will be closed for 48 hours after known or suspected exposure.
  • Ventilation will be increased by immediately opening doors and windows upon entering the facility.
  • PPE will be provided to the cleaning team while the facility goes through thorough cleaning with COVID-19 approved cleaning solutions.

Safety Monitor

The Safety Monitor supervises safety and coordinates activities in the event that someone reports having symptoms while at an event. The Safety Monitor must carry a copy of California’s “Guidance for the Use of Face Coverings.” If needed, it is okay to dial 911 to request support from law enforcement. If someone falls ill during an event, the Safety Monitor shall:

  • Validate the person’s name, phone number, e-mail address, and what parts of the facility they visited in last 72 hrs.
  • Ask the individual as well as anyone else in their household to go home, self-isolate, and contact their physician
  • Have the event leader ask everyone who came in contact with the person to wash hands, inform the gathering about what happened, and dismiss the group.
  • Minimize anyone entering the church facility and increase ventilation to the greatest extent possible.
  • Immediately send an email to safety@burlpres.org including all details (If the exposure was extensive, we may decide to communicate with the larger congregation).


In-Person Activity Protocols

Session may approve in-person activities and may request that the leaders of the activity generate an event-specific safety plan to include:

  • Named safety monitor(s)
  • Safety-related communications plan and safety training plan for event leaders and participants
  • Event-specific safety protocols for set-up, during the event, and during clean-up, including plans for traffic control, health screenings, and bathroom usage
  • Specific mitigations that may be required for higher risk activities, such as singing and food distribution

Parking Lot Activities Guidelines

  • Max time allowed per cohort: 1 hour
  • Max 40 seated guests, 8 household tables, 20 parked cars (or max 200 cars for moving car parades), unless Session approves event-specific protocols
  • Guests must be at least 15’ from non-masked vocal performers or wind instrument performers.
  • Use a reservation system and map of seating/parking.
  • For repeating events, use cohorting so that the same group of people gather together for each event.
  • Use microphones and speakers to minimize the need to have people speaking or singing to project their voices.
  • Use ground markers for social distance guidelines.
  • Bathrooms should be closed and only used if there is an emergency.
  • Use one-way traffic flow markers to minimize gathering or bunching of the crowd.
  • Use non-contact donation options or drop boxes.
  • Do verbal reminders to avoid hugging and handshaking, to wear masks, and to socially distance.
  • For parked vehicle events, only members of the same household may occupy a single car.

What to do if Symptoms Develop:

If you, or anyone in your household, develops symptoms of COVID-19 or tests positive for COVID-19, within 72 hours of attending an in-person BurlPres event or entering the facility must:

  • Email safety@burlpres.org or call the church office (650.342.0875) and leave a message with your name and phone number. It may be helpful to check your symptoms at the CDC website, and please follow their directions on What to Do if You Are Sick.

Returning After Heath Concern:  If a health concern was reported or raised temperature indicated upon entry:

  • If 10+ days have passed since symptoms appeared, AND 24+ hrs have passed with no fever (w/o use of fever-reducing medications), AND other symptoms have improved, person may return to burlpres.
  • Individuals who test positive for SARS-CoV-2 who never develop symptoms, may return 10 days after the date of their first positive test for SARS-CoV-2.



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