God is love and finding God's love in your world will provide you a path to growth.


God is love and finding God's love in your world will provide you a path to growth.

  • Find more meaning in your life
  • Remove the barriers between people
  • Be connected with people around you

Fill the spiritual gap that will provide an internal compass for your continued growth.  Start with leaning in, by giving your time to trigger God's love in you that will enable your growth.  To learn more about these roles and how you can become involved, email us at
What Deacons do:
  • Serve communion on Sundays at our church (3x Year)
  • With teammates, serve communion to individuals unable to attend church (4x Year)
  • Greet visitors and members before Sunday service (1x Month)
  • Reach out (1x month) as "special friend" to members with difficulties of age or illness via calls or cards
  • Other: gift baskets to families with new babies, deliver meals to people in need.
What Elders do:

Elders are board members and leaders of the church who use their professional skills in roles that serve the church in its operation and fulfilling its mission of serving inside and outside of the church.  Elders attend monthly board meetings (called Session) with the pastoral staff and report on their assigned areas and status of their teams contributions.  Elder roles include Personnel, Treasurer, Worship, Mission & Outreach, Stewardship Administration Committee, Care Ministries, Buildings & Grounds, NextGen Students, NextGen Kids, Communications, and Leadership.


Astrid Barrientos | Deacon

Came from Guatamala and raised Catholic
Astrid was raised Catholic and came to the Bay Area as an adult with her family from Guatemala and when her family decided to return, she stayed on and found the love and support from burlpres, which she now calls “home”.   Thru burlpres, Astrid has participated in mission work in Guatemala,  led children’s ministries and leads prayers for people with our Stephen’s Ministries group.

Jessie Sharma | Deacon

Parents came from India as Hindu
Jessie is first generation born in the US of parents who migrated from, Punjab, India.  Her parents both found work at burlpres which began a journey of love.  As a child, she only witnessed warm welcoming, never unloved, and total acceptance of her parents and family regardless of faith.  Jessie is a consistent young face of the church who gives back the love and caring at burlpres and Mexico Mission.

Thomas Salas | Youth Deacon

Second generation youth from Chile

Thomas was born in Burlingame, CA and now attends  Design Tech High School in Redwood City.  Thru burlpres he has grown into a young man who has connected with adults and pastors that cared about him with interest and ease to impress upon him the power the “church family”. 



We know that the journey with God is an adventure that never ends.

Come join the journey with us!
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